Life Insurance

Whether you’re a regular at the gym or you’re constantly staying active outside, you know that exercise can make you feel good and look great. But did you know that staying fit can lower your life insurance premiums, too? Check out six types of exercises that can lower your life insurance rates and improve your health at the same time.


Strength Training

Virtually any kind of physical activity can improve your health, as long as it works your muscles harder than usual, according to the American Heart Association. When it comes to keeping your muscles in top condition, however, exercises that focus on stretching and strength training are essential. After all, if you lose muscle strength and flexibility, not only will your overall health decrease, but you could also lose the ability to easily perform basic tasks like opening jars or getting out of the car.

Strength training works well in many forms. Try easing into a weightlifting routine to challenge your muscles, or use resistance bands several times a week to increase muscle strength. Going to a yoga class a couple of times a week can also help boost your strength and improve your overall health.

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