This page contains a list of most of our carriers’ claims office numbers. Please look at your policy and determine which carrier your policy is with and select the appropriate number. Jot down your policy number and be prepared to provide it to the claims representative.

We have also included a link for each carrier’s claims webpage so that you can file your claim online if you desire. Just click the carrier’s name and you will be directed to their online claims portal.

You also have the option of filling out our website’s contact form. Once complete and submitted, an electronic notification is sent to our office and we will help you file your claim.

And of course, feel free to call our office at 281-364-9966 if you need assistance in filing your claim – we will be happy to help you.

One important note – we suggest you take a quick look at your policy deductible before filing a claim. If your claim amount won’t meet or barely meets your deductible – it is generally best to not file it. Again, if you need some guidance with that, please call our office.

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