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This page contains a list of most of our carriers claims office numbers. Please look at your policy and determine which carrier your policy is with and select the appropriate number.  Jot down your policy number and be prepared to provide it to the claims representative. 

 If available, we have also included a link for each carriers’ claims department, so that you can file your claim on-line if you desire.  Just scroll below and find the claims link you need and follow the directions.

You also have the option of filling out our website's claim form.  Once complete and submitted, an electronic notification is sent to our office and we will help you file your claim.

And of course, feel free to call our office if you need assistance in filing your claim…we will be happy to help you.

One important note – we suggest you take a quick look at your policy deductible before filing a claim.  If your claim amount won’t meet or barely meets your deductible – it is generally best to not file it.  Again, if you need some guidance with that, please call our office.                         


Need help finding a repair facility?  Please click here to be taken to our list of preferred vendors.


Had an accident and need to report it to local law enforcement?  Please click here for a copy of the Texas Department of Transportation "Driver's Crash Report" 


American Modern                    800-375-2075
Claim Link

American Risk Insurance        866-711-1979

ASI                                           866-274-5677
Claim Link

ASI-Flood                                 866-511-0793
Claim Link

Bankers Insurance                   800-765-9700

Bankers Insurance - Flood       800-765-9700

Bristol West                              800-274-7865

Centauri Insurance                   866-215-7574

Chubb Group                            800-252-4670
Claim Link

Classic Automobile                 800-375-2075
Claim Link

Columbia Lloyds                     800-275-6768

Cypress Texas Lloyds             888-892-9773
Claim Link

Dairyland Insurance                 800-833-2244

Delta                                          800-759-8656

Encompass Insurance             800-588-7400
Claim Link

Foremost                                    800-527-3907
Claim Link

Frontier/Wellington                    800-447-6465

GAINSCO                                  866-424-6726

Geo Vera                                   800-319-6632

Hagerty                                      800-922-4050
Claim Link

Hallmark Insurance                   800-486-5616

Hartford                                     800-327-3636
Claim Link

Homeowner’s of America         866-407-9896
Claim Link

Imperial Fire & Casualty          888-522-8242 opt 1

Infinity                                      800-334-1661

Kemper Specialty                    866-536-7376

Mercury Insurance                   800-503-3724

MetLife                                      800-854-6454
Claim Link

Mission Select                          800-780-6941 Opt 3

National Flood                          800-637-3846 Opt 3

National General Insurance       800-325-1088
Claim Link

NFIP Direct                               800-638-6620 Opt 2

Pacific Specialty                      800-303-5000 Opt 12
Claim Link

Progressive                              800-776-4737
Claim Link

Republic HP                             800-344-2275

Safeco                                      800-332-3226
Claim Link

State Auto                                800-766-1853 opt 4
Claim Link

State Auto Flood                     800-766-1853 opt 4

Stillwater Insurance                800-220-1351

Texas Fair Plan                       800-979-6440 opt 1

Texas Windstorm                    800-788-8247 opt1

Travelers Home/Auto              800-252-4633
Claim Link

Travelers Flood                        800-505-0193
Claim Link

United Property & Casualty     888-256-3378

Universal                                  888-846-7647
Claim Link

Victoria                                     800-926-3168
Claim Link

Wright Flood                            800-725-9472

Zurich                                      800-987-3373
Claim Link


Available Claim Forms

To submit a claim use one of the appropriate links below. If none are available for your particular claim, please contact us directly.

Auto Accident Claim

Commercial Auto Accident Claim

Flood Property Loss Claim Form

Motorcycle Accident Claim

Property Loss Claim Form

Renters Property Loss Claim Form

Watercraft Accident Claim

Windstorm Property Loss Claim Form


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