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Auto Quote Selection

The first thing we need to do to complete your auto insurance proposal is determine which market would work best for you. We offer what we call a “preferred” and a “standard” market.

Our preferred market is for those that have better than average driving records and credit scores, and/or carry higher limits of liability.

Our standard market is more for the household that has a “not-so awesome” driving record, multiple claims, and/or below average credit scores. Or maybe you have been cancelled by your previous carrier.

Don’t worry about selecting the “wrong” one…there isn’t a wrong choice. AND, if you wish, you can complete BOTH our preferred AND our standard questionnaires.

Just select which one you wish to complete by clicking on the appropriate button below.

One important note about completing a quote request – the more accurate and honest your answers, the more accurate your proposal will be. So please, include as much information as you can.

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